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Subject:Arctic Astrophysics
Time:11:36 am
His tuxedo plumes immaculate against the disorderly swirl of snow. He does not sing. He does not fly. He need only stand, with baffling silence, ready to endure the storm. Above the howl of the wind, there is an Eocene echo of blizzards anticipated, but not felt.

His veins course with fire of which he knows nothing. Ancient dusky eyes, as old as the first frost, can only see an endless whiteout. And yet, his wild soul bleeds flames. His heart is charged with all the fury of the luminous sun. His exhales are magnetic and each breath tickles the sky with aurora-like currents.

Wholly unaware of the heat he posses, he foolishly waits, expecting to freeze.
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Current Music:Jurassic 5 - The Game
Subject:Shit poem
Time:05:17 pm
Current Mood:artistic
You gave me your trust
And I hope I did not,
Squander or take it for granted

My fear is,
Of misplaced touches and connections
Did it really happen?
Or was it an illusion.
Too gentle...
Strange stirrings, yearning for contact.

Reaching out.
What are you thinking?
Enigmatic behaviour, veiled feelings
Hinder my progress,
Out of your corporeal form.

You gave me your soul
No aural, no visual.
Sensations. Which spoke more words,
Than a picture ever could.

Am I building this scenario in my mind?
Creating a false portrait, from a broken memory
My point of view may be flawed
But my opinions of you,
Can never be skewed


I would appreciate some feedback on this.
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Subject:Since this hasn't been updated for a while
Time:09:41 pm
(just found this poem again)

Postcard: August, 1914

God’s gone, mum, this month,
because every night is as bright as every day
and the stars fall and explode on us.
“Duck and cover, men, duck and cover,”
they tell us, but it’s no use.
When the sky is falling, where can you really hide?

They’ve scarred the continent, mum,
cracked it in two,
and the blood that comes welling up is ours.
They’ve dug us into Hell
and still the stars fall on us.

There was this Tommy, mum, one day,
who, instead of sleeping, raised his head above:
“I want to see the world again,” he said, right before
I saw his head vanish from his shoulders
in a bright red mist and fall around our feet.
His mind floated in the muck, mum, his mind,
and it seeped into our socks while we watched.
He was cold and wet when I lifted him
onto the stretcher, cold and wet like me.
How many men do I carry in my clothes, mum,
how many do I piss on, how many do I drink?

They say I’m to go over the top, mum, tonight,
when I know they’re already over;
God has gone and in his place are gods
who never knew what it was like to be men.
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Current Music:Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals - Woman in You
Time:01:40 pm
Current Mood:creative
You called me again last night.
I hate talking on the phone,
But I feel compelled to do so.
It's a form of control for you.
That scares me.

Trying not to feel for you,
Because feeling for you is control.
I hate being helpless,
But that means you've won.
That hurts me.

I should just give in,
To your good/bad desire.
I don't want to be destroyed.
Not again. Not for this.
It just makes me want you more.

I've been sitting on this for a while, but there are bits of it that I don't like. Any suggestions?
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Current Music:low - fearless
Subject:i met a girl named phlogiston
Time:02:48 pm
Current Mood:worried
i think you burn me up
i miss you
i looked for you
i thought i found your traces
all in a million places

you made me heavy with ashes
i was wrong
when i thought i found you
i think you should forgive me
we all see what we want to see

that was then
time changes things
a great advance in science
i thought i found your traces
in a million different places
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Subject:As thought up by Monju and Dave...
Time:01:39 am
Current Mood:sad
but stolen by me, ha ha!...

Write letters to your friends and family and loved ones that you would want sent out if you were to die. For mine, I assumed that I would die tonight, because probably (HOPEFULLY) in a few years they won't be relevant anymore.

Cut for length, I wrote 4Collapse )
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Current Music:H.N.A.S. - Abwassermusik side one
Subject:why am i the only asshole posting to demiurge?
Time:11:24 pm
huh? fuckers.

here's an excercise: describe a scene of your life today in a haiku, multiple haikus allowed

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Current Music:kraftwerk - the model
Time:07:00 pm
I used to live with my parents in this house close to where I am living now, and I wasn't allowed to smoke in the house, so I'd go out and smoke on the back porch, which was always sweltering. I'd go out there for hours, writing poetry, songs, reading, listening to music.

this is one of the poems I wrote back there:
lovestrocitiesCollapse )

I also used to have a, well, not a band, but a group of friends -- always rotating, never the same exact set twice in a row -- that would get together and play music. I had this idea to name the group "samizdata" and have various iterations, like Pigface or The Golden Palominos always had notes on their records saying "The Golden Palominos this time were:". This is a piece that I had written for a while and well, stars aligned and we (bunny, killy, solo and I) recorded it (mp3 by gmail if you ask...but it's noisy) using mostly pieces of wood, metal, a drill and the sound of paper crumpling against the microphone.

et in arcadia egoCollapse )
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Current Music:myself, playing "can't see (useless)" by oingo boingo
Subject:she is broken now and all fall down
Time:12:10 am
Current Mood:justified
she is broken now and all fall down
those years of tears given to themselves
i was right
say it
i was right
i am broken now, like then and always
to see your lip tremble i laugh sadly, silently
you were wrong
it was a bad decision
you were wrong
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Current Music:Godflesh - Time, Death and Wastefulness
Subject:Post Card Haiku
Time:03:59 am
I heard you can't trust
no one around her she said
I nod silently

be quiet and drive
"shhhh," I implored silently
just want to arrive

aren't you proud to be
the hunter and not the prey
you hold your hands tight

empty gas station
sign reads "wanted lost god"
but I know better.

a little historyCollapse )

I never did send out that particular post card. And now O'Reilly doesn't do that with their books anymore. Man, that annoys me.
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