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Life is source material...

and writing is my life.

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  1. A powerful creative force or personality.

v. tr.
  1. To set in motion; activate.

  2. To rouse to action; spur.
This is a creative writing community. This is also a work in progress. This community is closed, so if you would like to join, please message a maintainer (currently mightymonju and theonyx). Everything written here is subject to change, and actually probably already has.been.changed.

The main and stated purpose of this community is to keep your mind sharp as cheddar and your creative juices flowing like unto the great sluices of Venice. To that end, there will be short writing exercises/inspirations/themes posted once a week (I'll probably settle on a day like, oh, Monday, or Friday, or...Sunday, because I like the Great Yellow Face!) to which any member is free to respond. Suggestions for exercises are welcome, feel free to e-mail/AIM a maintainer (I'd prefer they not be left in comments as I want to keep an element of surprise to the exercises).

The Tenative List of Rules (Including Paragraph 16 section 2 subsection 17a: GROUNDS FOR BANNING)
  1. Keep responses to exercises in the comments for that entry, as it will keep the mainpage cleaner-looking.

  2. As such, exercises aren't intended to evoke exceptionally long, drawn-out responses. If they do, that's great! Just understand that there's limited space in the comments section. If you have a response that cannot fit, feel free to break into multiple comments, or post it elsewhere (your own journal, an external page) and provide a link.

  3. Exercises will be added to Memories, to make them easily-searchable and -findable, should they ever be pushed off the mainpage.

  4. Commenting on other people's responses is encouraged, just play nice. Criticism is necessary, just make it constructive. Also, I think asking permission to use an idea would be warranted, if someone's contribution inspires you.

  5. Feel free to post any creative writing that you wish on the mainpage (and I'm thinking poetry/short stories here, I don't want this to turn into EssayHeaven™), unless you're not looking for feedback, in which case I would tell you to stop writing.

  6. Mainpaged contributions should typically be behind an lj-cut, just to keep things manageable. Also feel free to link to contributions about which you would like feedback.

  7. Paragraph 16 section 2 subsection 17a: GROUNDS FOR BANNING: To be decided! Actually this makes it look like I'm just dying to ban someone, but that's not the case. It's just...a joke...that went too far...

  8. Additional rules and stuff to be posted here as the need arises.